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Welcome to the International Criminal Record Checks online ordering system designed by APCS. APCS are one of the leading suppliers of Online Criminal Record Checks in the UK and cover over 240 countries worldwide. Through this online system, you can carry out a background check on your applicants in the countries that they have been living. Popular CRB/DBS international background checks include:- India, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Pakistan, Republic of Ireland, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Mexico, China, Russia, Egypt to name just a few. Employers outside the UK can also use this online service.

Simply enter your organisational details, select the country you wish to carry out the overseas criminal record check in, complete the online/downloadable application form for your applicant to complete, Scan and email it back to us with a copy of the applicants passport and we will do the rest.

APCS will then carry out the checks on your behalf. As soon as the checks have been completed, you will receive your results certificate via email.

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