Digital ID / RTW Check

A digital ID check is a fast and reliable way to verify a person's identity. APCS are in partnership with Yoti and Post Office EasyID to provide digital ID checks which meet the DBS requirements, either Medium Level of Confidence for basic checks or High of Level Confidence for standard/enhanced checks. Requesting a digital ID check can significantly speed up your recruitment process. You can also request a digital right to work check (RTW), allowing you to comply with your responsibility to conduct RTW checks.

APCS will email a link to the applicant so they can upload a scan of their documents. In order for a digital ID / RTW check to have a chance of being successful, the applicant must have a smart device that can take images and access web pages. The applicant must also possess certain ID documents. The number of documents required will depend on the type of check you need. See requirements below.

Type of check Documents Min No of Documents
Digital ID check
(Medium Level of Confidence)
Passport, Biometric Residence Permit, UK Driving Licence 1
Digital ID check
(High Level of Confidence)
Passport, Biometric Residence Permit, UK Driving licence, National ID Card 2
Digital RTW check UK or Irish Passport 1

The applicant should receive the email, with the link to upload the documents, within 10 minutes after submitting the order. You will receive the final report shortly after they have finished uploading the documents. APCS will provide a report which contains all the verified profile data taken from the identity documents and includes key features such as the assurance level, checks performed and document images.

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